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Winter Wish-list
The non-definitive list of things to be improved before March 2021
  • Interim Results Report - split XCJ and SCT. Sort by number or place.
  • Control page - let the Held Times pop-up amend Elapsed Time after the horse has finished. Better list of withdrawn entries. Counter to show horses still to run in this Scramble Group.
  • Verify Scores page - allow Scorer to amend scores on this page. Indicate when XCT includes a Held Time. Put Dressage in number order.
  • Timekeepers page - handling clocks changing. Did Not Start option.
  • All Scores page - pop-up to show XC Time Started, Time Finished, held times. Colour coding to show if a score is verified or not. Don't put the cursor into the first field when opening a section. Able to retrieve withdrawn entries on this page.
  • SJ page - show name and scores of the previous horse
  • Dressage Movements page - improve highlighting to indicate which movement you are on
  • Online Programme - upload course plans.
  • Entry Report - a new report telling you everything about one entry - to print out when there is a difficult query. Full audit trail.
  • Live XC page - remove yesterday's results
  • Add an Entry - copy an entry is faulty
  • Classes page - changing an Optimum Time needs a prompt to ask whether or not to change all those currently scored.
Equine Health Declarations
These changes have been released on 25 March 2021:
  • The online Equine Health Declaration form is now available within EventingScores.
  • The Entries Secretary or Scorer can activate it with a new button on the Event Settings page, right underneath the Publish Times button
  • This activates a link on the Section page, visible to the competitors right next to where they can get their times, results and the printable bib numbers
  • This link will disappear at 0700 on the day of the competition for that section – at that point they cannot make an online health declaration and will have to do it at the gate. The link is replaced with the word Done when they have submitted their Declaration.
  • On the Reports page, there are some new reports for the Gate - now available ordered by Number or Horse
  • All these reports now have a column to show which entries have submitted the EHV declaration
Winter 2021
These changes have been released in March 2021:
  • Flags report - a new report listing all the nations at this event - at PC, RC or NSEA events it lists all the Brannches/Clubs/Schools
  • Times page - red lines bug solved. Red flag (Remember this) and green flag (I've reviewed it, all OK). Move to a time.
  • Leaders page shows phases completed rather than "Partial". Table widths improved.
  • Dressage Labels includes options for a whole class
  • Timekeepers page - more resilient when Internet is lost or slow.
  • Multiples report - excludes phases that don't have times. Live update when you click a checkbox. Improved presentation
  • Event Access - new "Officials and Suppliers" list, to handle a) access and b) online programme
  • Section List - new report
  • All Scores - XCT info button shows actual start/finish times, held times etc
  • Event Summary - new page shows numbers and details by class, day, section and status. Will add links to Edit Entry and Balloting pages
Timetable Planner
The Timetable Planner is available for you to use here. You can save your timetables if you are logged in.
Dressage Calculator
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Dressage Crib
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Cross-Country Optimum Time
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  • Penalty-free window
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  • Optimum Time 4.27
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